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Beechwood North Homes Association

326 Beechlawn Drive
Waterloo, Ontario
N2L 5W6

The Beechwood North Association is a vibrant organization that fosters a close-knit community feeling while keeping current with the ever-changing environment that is the City and Region of Waterloo. An active, friendly, and growing group, we welcome all community members who want to join our fun.The Beechwood North Association (BNA) was formed in 1973, and in 1991 changed from an organization with mandatory homeowner membership to an organization made up entirely of voluntary members from the neighbourhood community. Today, we are a very strong association, run and maintained by a volunteer executive elected by the membership.Beechwood North strives to promote the health and welfare of our community through inclusive non-profit membership. We offer many free community activities that encourage social interaction for all age groups.