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Happy Buddha Organics

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Happy Buddha Organics is home of the water only orgnanic cannabis growing kit. Our soil system is a two step living soil system that also comes with endomycorrhizal fungi powder which provides all the nutrients and microbes your plant needs from seed to harvest. Our soil is a leading North American brand that is used by both beginning growers and experienced growers. This soil is cost effective because it can be reused grow after grow by just revitilizing the soil with a few amendments. It saves growers time as the system works that the plants only need to be watered. No need to test soil pH, add fertilizers or spray with any pesticides. Your outcome is a healthy organic plant every time!  We also sell amendments for those who want to craft their own soil. Or if you want us to create a soil from your own recipe, we can do that too. Visit our website or contact us to find out more on how we can help you grow organic cannabis.